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2° Lettera al cittadino Sperimentazione e consenso volontario ed informato sulla pelle delle nuove generazioni.

Il SSN italiano sta aderendo ad una politica sanitaria previdenziale sempre più basata sulla farmacologica e non sulle necessità individuali, globalizzando l’anamnesi di ogni organismo in un’unica soluzione
farmacologica e vaccinale.

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Letter of solidarity to the friends of California

Dear Californian friends,
we are parents like you are and with great concern and anger we are following from Italy the news related to the bills SB 276 and 714.
The protests you are conducti ng to prevent this shameful and unfair law from seeing the light are an example for all of us and draw
us near.

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Lettera di solidarietà agli amici della California

Cari amici californiani,
siamo genitori come voi e con grande apprensione e rabbia stiamo seguendo dall’Italia le noti zie che riguardano l’iter delle leggi SB
276 e 714.
Le proteste che state portando avanti per impedire che questa legge vergognosa e iniqua veda la luce sono di esempio a tutti noi e ci

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C.Li.Va. continua a collaborare e coordinare azioni con varie realtà sul territorio della nostra penisola.

Cari iscritti,

a seguito della raccolta di 100.000 firme nell’estate del 2018 per la Proposta di legge di iniziativa Popolare per la
Libertà di Scelta, il C.Li.Va. continua a collaborare e coordinare azioni con varie realtà sul territorio della nostra penisola.

Qui sotto i canali di comunicazione a cui potete unirvi, per conoscere le varie azioni o proposte che vi invitiamo a seguire.

Staff Cliva

Il Comitato Libertà di Scelta, nato dall’unione di diverse realtà locali e regionali per promuovere la Proposta di legge di iniziativa popolare, resta più che mai attivo grazie all’amichevole e costante collaborazione di chi ha scelto di proseguire la condivisione di progetti e iniziative.
Se desiderate seguire le azioni, gli aggiornamenti, le notizie e i comunicati dei gruppi appartenenti al Comitato Libertà di Scelta potete farlo tramite i nostri canali ufficiali:





Libertà di Scelta – Proposta di Legge di Iniziativa Popolare

“Therapeutic freedom of choice and inviolability of the body”

To those who believe, deluding themselves, that the ones who dominate are always those who scream louder, who mislead by rising tones, who have more wealth and resources… our answer is go ahead on our path, standing besides and giving our support to those who with tenacity, dedication and bravery never lose sight of the target and carry it on with transparency, coherence and professionalism.

With this communication we ask that freedom of press, speech and thought are respected, as our Constitution, dear to us, ratified.

These rights belong to us, les us never forget it, but let’s remind it to those who try to suppress them.

Dear citizens, we invite all of us to undersign and share this communication to support those who are undergoing mean and flimsy attacks from many sides, serving the fact that they are conducting a project that in reality belongs to everybody.

Thanks Corvelva, C.Li.Va. stands with you and will always do.

“Therapeutic freedom of choice and inviolability of the body”

The foreword of Deputy Sara Cunial at the press conference that was held today, June 27, at the Press Room of the Chamber of Deputies, very clearly summarizes a fundamental subject that our Parliament, and in particular this legislature, has been ignoring for the last year: the 5 Stars Movement and Lega, the two parties ruling at present, declared that the Lorenzin law 119/2017 was unfair and that it had to be canceled as soon as possible but with their thunderous silence they actually permitted that thousands of children were excluded from nurseries and nursery schools throughout Italy.

C.Li.Va Tuscany wishes to publicly thank with deep esteem and growing admiration Corvelva association, Dr. Loretta Bolgan, Dr. Pierpaolo Dal Monte and Deputies Ivan Catalano and Sara Cunial for throwing a plea, the second in few months, to politics which is deaf and accomplice, thus giving voice to a part of the population (that maybe isn’t that small, judging by the attacks perpetrated every day during the latest two years in order to mock, diminish and marginalize it!) that isn’t willing to surrender to the dangerous despotic tendency of our Country’s health politics, going towards the tendency of diminishing the rights of the single person in the name of a vague and unprovable safeguard of public health.

We undersign every single word of the speech of the representative of Corvelva, Nassim Langrudi: we are living in a climate of social hate that has become unbearable and is fed by persons who, taking advantage of the partial media, invoke censorship towards the ones who legitimately bring to public opinion doubts, questions and objections.

After exactly one year from the delivery of more than 75.000 signatures of free citizens, the Law proposal of Citizens’ initiative lies ignored while the DDL 770, signed by Lega and 5 Stars Movement, extending the suspension to every degree of schools, saw during its procedure partial and one-sided hearings united to months of absolute silence in the complete inability of those who are leading this Country to maintain the promises done during the electoral campaign.

During these days the gospel of the absolute safety of vaccines is under the spotlight, driven by Minister of Health Giulia Grillo and some figures who behave as “holders of the absolute truth” but no evidence, no study, no official document proves the results achieved by Corvelva wrong.

We once again witness the dangerous strategy that sees on one side the in-depth analysis as requested by the Parliamentary Commission on depleted uranium and above all the questions of those who (ex pro vaxxers, to use the labels so in vogue) are a proof of the vaccine damages aknowledged by the Court and receive a reimbursement by the Minister of Health as per law 210/1992; on the other side we see vague answers, sentences which aren’t supported by any papers, pronounced with the arrogance of who keeps feeding a hate mood, censoring all the doubts that should be at the basis of a healthy scientific method.

We aren’t surprised at apprehending, while following the live streaming, that some Parliamentaries were eagerly invited not to attend the conference; nor at noticing the mediatic distortion used by some newspapers in order to shift the attention from the contents of the articles and researches that Corvelva showed today and in the latest months to a fruitless yet rowdy debate that was even fed by some Deputees attending in the Press Room.

Social media hatred, gossip and mocking are the only answers proposed by the same authorities whose task is to inform, safeguard and respect the citizens. This is not bearable anymore: and it is not what a conscious and responsible citizen expects from a Country that should protect his or her right to be informed and to self-determination.

We reaffirm a concept expressed during the press conference that took place on January 24th, still at the Chamber of Deputees, still wanted and organized by Corvelva: we thank who mentioned Galileo Galilei who was suspected of heresy, processed and sentenced by the Holy Office, and also forced to abjuration in 1633. Only in 1992, after 359 years, during the Plenary Session of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, the Church with Pope John Paul II admitted the “mistakes committed”.

History repeats itself but we trust the reasoning of authorities so that we don’t need to wait 359 more years to admit the mistakes, and concentrate, as Galileo taught, on the observation of data and odds, and not on the feverish impulse to convince and judge the others’ behavior with new “abjurations”, expulsions and negationism.

Getting back to nowadays: we are approaching the deadline imposed by Law 119/2017 that will bring to the fall of the registration of thousands of children from nurseries and nursery schools. In Italy, in 2019, we are witness of a heavy and unjustified marginalization led by ambiguous reasons and put in place through a real vaccine blackmail.

We ask the Parliamentaries to give back to politics its own role. Lega and 5 Stars Movement made precise promises that leave little room for interpretations: now it is the moment for the Government to pass from words to deeds. Before it’s too late!

We Parents, we Citizens have our role very clearly in mind: we won’t move a single step back until the right to therapeutic freedom and choice will be reinstated and until all children will be enabled to grow and develop within their scholastic communities.

Our commitment has no deadline: our children, our only one flag!

C.Li.Va Tuscany

Renitenza alle vaccinazioni obbligatorie: una stima

Diffondiamo un documento redatto dal comitato “Libertà di scelta”, di cui anche C.Li.Va. fa parte insieme a tantissime realtà italiane, sul numero stimato dei bambini non in regola con le vaccinazioni da 0 a 16 anni .

Il comitato , basandosi sui dati delle regioni dotate di anagrafe e che hanno comunicato il numero degli inadempienti , ha ricostruito un ipotetico dato nazionale:

– 1.266.100 minori fra 0 e 16 anni non sono in regola con le vaccinazioni obbligatorie

Un dato che certifica in maniera evidente di come i giornali e i media sottovalutino il fenomeno tenendo a sminuire la portata di chi si oppone a obblighi vaccinali e esclusioni scolastiche.

Un numero che deve far riflettere chi ha in mano il potere di decidere di obblighi sanitari e esclusioni scolastiche sulle possibili conseguenze sociali . Approvare il DDL 770 in questo momento comporterebbe l’esclusione di oltre 1 milione di studenti in tutta Italia

Infine il documento riporta una proiezione del numero di genitori e quindi delle famiglie che si troverebbero a fronteggiare esclusioni scolastiche e sanzioni economiche :

-1.772.540 genitori

Qualcuno cercando di scoraggiarci ci classifica come “due gatti” , i numeri ci dicono che non è così.

Ringraziamo il comitato per la libertà di scelta per il documento e invitiamo tutti a leggerlo



ogni giorno ci arrivano segnalazioni di genitori che ricevono telefonate di pressione per firmare il dissenso informato. Pediatri che rifiutano confronti, ASL che negano risposte alle nostre domande ma che pretendono da noi la firma di moduli IRRICEVIBILI semplicemente per archiviare una pratica burocratica.